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The Otherside Of A Fairytale

"I’m used to it"

The saddest thing you can hear someone say. (via softdean)



2015 is only 5 months away, just let that sink in

What the fuck does the sink want now

  • me: so u like 1d?
  • them: ya
  • me: o rlly? what hospital room was niall born in?
  • them: wtf idk
  • me: fake ass bitch


When I’m listening to Britney Spears in my car and one of my friends tells me to change it



With Harry Styles you either get thisimage

Or thisimage

there is no in between. 



drive thru employeesimage definitely image do notimage get paidimage enoughimage forimage this image shitimage they are sick of your nonsenseimage

the last guy wasn’t even phased omg

  • Friend: I miss my boyfriend
  • Me: So do I
  • Friend: He calls me princess
  • Me: He calls me fan
  • Me: Sometimes fans, like plural
  • Me: So he'll be like "I love my fans!" and I'm like "I love you too boo"
  • Friend:

0-0 *breathes deeply*


talkin to ur crush like

Anonymous Asked:
so being a 21 yr old college graduate... you don't feel weird that you love a boyband?

My answer:


what am i supposed to love??? briefcases??? 


Corgi Battle

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